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arrowThe Shameful Wrong That Must Be Righted - October 9, 10, 2003 (text version)(pdf file)
arrowProof that this shameful wrong must be righted - October 20, 2003 (text version)(pdf file)
arrow30 years of proof that this shameful wrong must be righted - October 30, 2003 (text version)(pdf file)
arrowA personal letter to my fellow medical doctors about this shameful wrong - November 3, 2003 (text version) (pdf file)
arrowVisual Proof That This Shameful Wrong Must Be Righted- November 11, 2003 (text version) (pdf file)
arrowThe shameful wrong that is a flagrant violation of Alfred Nobel's will - November 20, 2003 (text version) (pdf file)
arrowThe shameful wrong that must be righted - because the truth can be found simply by opening a medical textbook on MRI. December 2, 2003 (text version) (pdf file)
arrowThis is the great voyage of scientific discovery that gave the world the MRI. It will be ignored on the shameful night of December 10th. (text version) (pdf file) December 9, 2003

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