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Alfred Nobel's Will

Alfred Nobel's Will required that the Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology be given for "discovery" only. This is different than the Nobel Prize in Physics which is given for "discovery or invention" and the Nobel Prize in Chemistry which is given for "discovery or improvement"

Below is the exact wording of part of the translation into English of Alfred Nobel's will, which was signed in Paris on 27 November 1895.

"The whole of my remaining realizable estate shall be dealt with in the following way: The capital shall be invested by my executors in safe securities and shall constitute a fund, the interest on which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind ... ; one part to the person who shall have made the most important discovery within the domain of physiology or medicine; ... The prizes for ... shall be awarded by ... that for physiology or medicine by the Carolinska Institute in Stockholm; ... ''

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