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First Sale to Alaska of FONAR Upright Multi-Position MRI Announced

MELVILLE, NEW YORK, October 22, 2014 - FONAR Corporation (NASDAQ-FONR), The Inventor of MR Scanning™, today announced a sale of its UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI to a customer in Wasilla, Alaska. The customer is John McCormick, M.D., a Harvard trained radiologist who has purchased the scanner for his practice. The FONAR UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI (aka Stand-Up® MRI) scanner is the world’s only MRI scanner licensed under FONAR’s multiple UPRIGHT® MRI patents to scan all the patient’s body parts in their normal multiple, fully weight-bearing UPRIGHT® positions.

Dr. McCormick said, “I am purchasing the FONAR because of its unique ability to scan patients upright and in the weight-bearing position. We have a recumbent high-field MRI but there are too many patients who exhibit their pain and symptoms only when upright, so we aren’t able to find their problem. In fact, sometimes the supine MRI gives misleading information. Scanning patients upright will have its greatest need in cervical and lumbar spine studies.”

Dr. McCormick continued, “We can see how the UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI will be of great help for range-of-motion studies and the ability to scan in flexion and extension. Many of our referring physicians are podiatrists who currently use upright x-ray. So, they will soon have the ability to obtain those upright scans showing the soft tissue of the feet.”

Dr. McCormick said that Alaska is a certificate of need (CON) state but if possible he would purchase a second FONAR soon. This will be the first installation of an UPRIGHT® MRI in the state of Alaska. It is the 30th state where FONAR has sold an UPRIGHT® Multi-Position MRI.

Raymond V. Damadian, M.D., president and founder of Fonar Corporation said, “We are pleased that Dr. McCormick has purchased our UPRIGHT® MRI and we are anxious to help the citizens of Alaska with this important technology. There is a pandemic in our nation of people suffering from neck pain, including 1.2 million whiplash injuries each year in the U.S. We call the condition the Cranio-Cervical Syndrome, and it concerns the vulnerability of the human neck and its impact on cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flow throughout the brain and spine. I am pleased that many people are helped by the UPRIGHT® MRI such as Jim McMahon, the former NFL quarterback.”

Newsday, the leading Long Island Newspaper, ran a story in sporting section of its Sunday edition on October 12, 2014. The story was titled ‘Jim’s McMiracle - Headaches and memory loss destroyed his quality of life until two LIers came to the rescue.’


Former NFL Quarterback Jim McMahon, had suffered from post-concussion dementia and was scanned on the UPRIGHT® MRI at the Company’s Melville facility in November, 2012. In addition to spine and brain scans, a FONAR UPRIGHT® CSF flow (cine) video was performed which demonstrated a significant obstruction of CSF flow and increased intracranial pressure secondary to prior football injuries to Jim's cervical spine.

Subsequently, he was treated by Dr. Scott Rosa, of the Trauma Imaging Foundation, Dr. Rosa treated Jim with his patented IGAT (Image Guided Atlas Treatment) method. Jim gives much credit to Dr. Raymond Damadian, M.D., president and founder of FONAR, the FONAR UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI and Dr. Scott Rosa, for the wonderful elimination of his headache pain and memory impairments. See

Dr. Damadian commented, “We thank Jim McMahon for his comments but most important is pointing out that it was unrecognized problems in Jim’s neck that were uncovered by FONAR’s UPRIGHT® Multi-Position MRI images that made the difference. Jim’s UPRIGHT® MRI images enabled Dr. Rosa to successfully treat Jim’s neck and overcome his symptomology.”

FONAR (NASDAQ:FONR), Melville, NY, The Inventor of MR Scanning™, was incorporated in 1978, and is the first, oldest and most experienced MRI company in the industry. FONAR introduced the world’s first commercial MRI in 1980, and went public in 1981. Since its inception, nearly 300 FONAR recumbent-OPEN MRIs and 157 UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI scanners have been installed worldwide. FONAR’s stellar product is the UPRIGHT® MRI (also known as the Stand-Up® MRI), the only whole-body MRI that performs Position™ imaging (pMRI™) and the only MRI scanner that is able to scan patients in the exact weight-loaded position that is generating their pain. It scans patients in numerous weight-bearing positions, i.e. standing, sitting, in flexion and extension, as well as the conventional lie-down position. The FONAR UPRIGHT® MRI often sees the patient’s problem that other scanners cannot because they are lie-down and ”weightless” only scanners. The patient-friendly UPRIGHT® MRI has a near-zero claustrophobic rejection rate by patients. As a FONAR customer states, “If the patient is claustrophobic in this scanner, then they’ll be claustrophobic in my parking lot.” Approximately 85% of patients are scanned sitting while they watch a 42” flat screen TV. FONAR is headquartered on Long Island, New York.

UPRIGHT® and STAND-UP® are registered trademarks and The Inventor of MR Scanning™, Full Range of Motion™, Multi-Position™, Upright Radiology™, The Proof is in the Picture™, True Flow™, pMRI™, Spondylography™, Dynamic™, Spondylometry™, CSP™, and Landscape™, are trademarks of FONAR Corporation.

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