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MELVILLE, NEW YORK, August 3, 2010 - FONAR Corporation (NASDAQ-FONR), The Inventor of MR Scanning™, announced the purchase of an UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI by Medserena, of Germany. It is the fourth purchase by Medserena. The other UPRIGHT® MRI scanners in Germany owned by Medserena are located in Cologne, Hanover and Munich.

Matthias Schulz, CEO of Medserena, said, "The first three UPRIGHT® MRI centers have had great success. With physicians all over Germany asking about this technology, it has become imperative for us to expand and install a fourth UPRIGHT® scanner. This is in spite of an intensely active MRI market in Germany, where there are already many conventional lie-down MRIs installed. The large number of requests coming from our physicians in Germany,” Mr. Schulz said, “are arising because of the special medical need for FONAR’s unique technology.”

"The German people have a long history in science and technology innovation," Mr. Schulz reported, "so we tend to recognize the potential of any new technology quickly. We have been very successful in Germany with the FONAR UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI and its power for scanning patients in multiple upright and recumbent positions because our physicians have quickly appreciated the benefits of this new technology and want their patients to have access to those benefits as soon as possible. With 50% of MRIs being of the spine, it is self-evident that to make a satisfactory imaging diagnosis of the spine, the spine needs to be supporting its normal weight load which the conventional lie-down MRI does not permit. In addition, the FONAR UPRIGHT® is able to avoid anesthesia for the imaging of young children in many cases, diagnose the fallen cerebellar tonsils (CTE, cerebellar tonsillar ectopia) that occur from whiplash injuries and diagnose scoliosis in young women without the x-rays that give rise to an increased incidence of breast cancer in scoliosis patients.”

Mr. Schulz continued, "The FONAR UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI is a most unique MRI scanner. We firmly believe that it will become a standard for MRI diagnostics in Europe, especially in evaluating the spine. No other medical technology can put together in one scanner the ability to achieve detailed images of the patient in any and all of the positions that can give rise to his pain. Our basic marketing strategy is to educate the medical community about the unique diagnostic capabilities of the FONAR unit.”

Mr. Schulz commented, “Automobile whiplash injuries are just as much a problem in Germany as they are in any other industrialized nation. It was with great pleasure that we learned of the July 2010 article in “Brain Injury,” that will now make it possible for physicians to visualize these injuries so that the most expedient medical treatment can be provided. This is a huge advantage for the FONAR UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI when it competes with other MRI scanners.”

“The July 2010 scientific study in “Brain Injury” is a big study,” Mr. Schulz said. “1200 neck pain patients were scanned by MRI. They were divided into 4 groups, consisting of 2 control neck pain groups that did not experience whiplash trauma and 2 neck pain groups that did. The radiologists who read the study images were blinded as to which images were the patient images and which were the control images. The patients were examined in both the upright and recumbent positions. The recumbent MRI images were obtained in a conventional lie-down MRI and the upright images were obtained in the FONAR UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI. As a result of this study, the fallen cerebellar tonsils of a whiplash injury patient can now be reliably visualized by using the FONAR UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI. From our point of view, here in Germany, the newly published 1200 patient study in “Brain Injury” sets a "new standard of care" for whiplash injury patients.

The sale of the UPRIGHT® MRI was facilitated by Tecserena, GmbH, which was established as a distributor for FONAR's MRI products in Europe. For additional information about Tecserena, visit, or call +49 221 340 289 0.


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