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          MELVILLE, NEW YORK, July 30, 2004 - FONAR Corporation (NASDAQ-FONR), The MRI Specialist™, announced today that it has installed a Stand-Up™ MRI, the Company’s Upright™ Imaging system, University Imaging Vineland, NJat the new University Imaging Center in Vineland, New Jersey. The center is conveniently located a quarter mile from South Jersey Hospital, a brand new state-of-the-art facility and latest member of the South Jersey Health System. [University Imaging Center is located at 1051 West Sherman Ave, Suite 2B, Vineland, NJ 08360 [(856)-692-2133.]
          “Patient demand is increasing every day,” said Farrukh Kazmi, administrator for University Imaging. “We have been open only a short time, but our scan volume has already increased substantially. Encouraged by our initial success here in Vineland, we are sticking with our timetable for purchasing four (4) additional Fonar Stand-Up MRIs.”
University Imaging, Vineland, NJ-The "First Stop for MRI"          When asked for the reasons for the early success of University Imaging Center, Mr. Kazmi answered: “We understand the medical business and the medical marketplace. It’s fundamentally an issue of quality - which means quality service and quality equipment. We work hard to meet the needs of our patients and their doctors and, with the Stand-Up™ MRI, we offer the most advanced MRI medical device available today.”
          “When we first opened the site,” continued Mr Kazmi, “most of our referrals were patients who were too claustrophobic to tolerate other MRI scanners. That was fine with us because we could easily meet that challenge. The Fonar Stand-Up™ MRI is unequivocally the ‘Patient Preferred MRI.’ With the Stand-Up™ MRI patients are not slid into a confining ‘tunnel,’ and there is nothing in front of the patient’s face or overhead to induce a claustrophobic reaction. On the contrary, most Stand-Up™ MRI patients sit comfortably watching a 42” TV throughout the exam. Once the referring doctors saw the quality of our exams, the quality of our service, and learned of the Stand-Up™ MRI’s added ability to scan patients in weight-bearing positions, many of them have made University Imaging Center their first stop for MRI.”
          “Working with Fonar has gone very smoothly,” continued Mr. Kazmi. “In our initial meetings with Fonar, we agreed on a time schedule that would get our new Stand-Up™ MRI installed as quickly as possible. Fonar was always ahead of schedule. In fact, Fonar was usually waiting for our construction workers to finish their work before Fonar could move forward.”
          “The Fonar Service Department deserves some credit too,” added Mr. Kazmi. “The image quality of our scans is consistently excellent, and they respond quickly and professionally whenever we have a technical problem. I would like to stress how thankful we are to Fonar for meeting every commitment they have made.”

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