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Awards and Achievement


1987 National Inventor's Hall of Fame1987 National Inventor's Hall of Fame as the Inventor of the MRI

Dr. Raymond Damadian was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame,February 12, 1989, for the invention of magnetic resonance scanning

1988 National Medal of Technology1988 National Medal of Technology from President Reagan for the MRI

Dr. Damadian receiving the nation's highest honor in technology, The National Medal of Technology "For their independent contributions in conceiving and developing the application of magnetic resonance technology to medical uses including whole-body scanning and diagnostic imaging." 

2001 Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award2001 Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award Winner for the MRI

Lemelson-Mit Program Bestows Lifetime Achievement Award To Pioneer Of Diagnostic Medicine 

Nobel PoliticsNobel Politics

There is a shameful discrepancy between the history of the MRI and the Noble Prize for it. Many physicians and scientists continue to protest. How can the enormous discrepancy be explained? The question is not for us to answer. It's for the Nobel Committee. More »

2004 Benjamin Franklin Medal and Bower Award2004 Bower Award for Business Leadership

Dr.Damadian receives The Benjamin Franklin Medal and The Bower Award for Business Leadership cited for his contribution to the origination of MR scanning. "In 1969 Raymond Damadian first proposed the idea of using nuclear magnetic resonance technology to scan the human body externally for early signs of malignancy. He went on to design and build the first MR scanner that produced the first human image in 1977."

2007 Invention of the Year2007 Invention of the Year

The Intellectual Property Owners Education Foundation is delighted to present the 2007 National Inventor of the Year Award to Raymond V. Damadian for his development of Upright™ MRI technology. Download PDF »

2009 American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, Honorary Fellow 
	Award2009 American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering, Honorary Fellow Award.

Download PDF »

Timeline of MRI with documentsTimeline of MRI With Documents

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