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FONAR was incorporated in 1978, making it the first, oldest and most experienced MR manufacturer in the industry. FONAR introduced the world's first commercial MRI (a whole-body MRI scanner) in 1980, and went public in 1981.

In 1982, FONAR introduced its patented iron-core technology, which is the basis for all Open MRI scanners. In 1984, the company invented Oblique Imaging, providing medical technology the means to produce multiple images "at any angle," which was never before possible in medical imaging. In 1985, the Multi-Angle Oblique (MAO) scanning protocol, an innovative, dramatic extension of FONAR's Oblique Imaging, was invented and patented.

In 1996, FONAR introduced the Stand-Up™ MRI, the world’s only whole-body MRI scanner with the ability to perform Position Imaging ™ (pMRI™), i.e. patients can be scanned standing, sitting, bending or lying down. With its unique ability to scan patients in weight-bearing postures, the FONAR Stand-Up™ MRI has identified pathologies that had gone undetected on conventional, lie-down MRI scanners. Because of its unique geometric design, the FONAR Stand-Up MRI is remarkably spacious and non-claustrophobic. There is nothing in front of the patients’ faces of over their heads to create a “closed-in” feeling. Patients typically sit comfortably watching a 42” TV throughout the scanning procedure.

In 1997, FONAR created a new physician practice management subsidiary, Health Management Company of America (HMCA). HMCA together with FONAR's MRI manufacturing segment create a synergy with substantial potential. HMCA presently manages 11 diagnostic imaging centers and 6 multi-specialty practices, primarily in New York and Florida. The Management of Diagnostic Imaging Center segment offers management, administrative, billing and collection services, office space, equipment, repair, maintenance service and clerical, and non-medical personnel to medical providers