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           MELVILLE, NEW YORK, November 29, 2001 - FONAR Corporation (NASDAQ-FONR), The Patient-Friendly™ MRI Company, announced that Francis Smith, M.D. of the University of Aberdeen and a pioneer in the original development of MRI technology, is a featured speaker this week at the company's exhibit at the annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA). Dr. Smith's presentation, "The Importance of Stand-Up, Weight-Bearing MRI in Today's Radiology Practice," is based on his clinical experience with FONAR's Indomitable™, the Stand-Up MRI™. The RSNA, the largest medical meeting in the world, is being held at McCormick Place in Chicago from November 25-29.
           Dr. Smith is a professor of musculoskeletal radiology at Grampian University Hospitals at the University of Aberdeen in Aberdeen, Scotland. Earlier this year FONAR announced the sale of an Indomitable™, the Stand-Up MRI™ to the University of Aberdeen. The scanner is expected to be installed in early 2002.
           In his daily presentation, Dr. Smith states, "Preliminary observations using Indomitable™ to image in both the erect and supine positions, support my long- held expectation that imaging of the lumbar spine in patients with back and/or leg pain is most logically performed in the erect position. I had been interested in the prospect of scanning patients in an upright position for years. In fact, it was right here on the floor of the RSNA exhibit that I first learned, to my delight, of FONAR's Stand-Up MRI™.
           "Since then, we have found that there is a significant difference in appearance between images made in the two positions, which clearly demonstrates the need for imaging with patients erect in cases of suspected lumbar instability. Upright, weight-bearing imaging is not limited to the spine. Consider for example, the knees, hips and ankles. I also expect it will be useful for the diagnosis and treatment of a host of other types of pathologies such as incontinence and pelvic floor disorders.
           "The extraordinary openness of the scanner allows for patient positions that are impossible to assume on a conventional MRI magnet. From my own personal experience, this capability is extremely useful, particularly in diagnosing sports injuries. The ability to acquire MRI images with the patient's arm, elbow, whatever the case, in perhaps the only position in which he is symptomatic, is obviously the proper diagnostic approach. I believe the clinical utility of this scanner is limited only by the imagination of the medical community," Dr. Smith said.
           Dr. J. Randy Jinkins, MD, FACR, FEC, professor of Cranio Spinal Anatomic Imaging Research at MCP Hahnemann University in Philadelphia, PA is also speaking at the FONAR exhibit. His presentation is entitled "Upright/Weight-Bearing, Dynamic-Kinetic MRI of the Spine: pMRI™/kMRI; An Overview of First Results."
           Raymond Damadian, president and chairman of FONAR Corporation, said, "We are very pleased to have MRI scholars of this caliber and international reputation discussing and answering questions about our Stand-Up MRI™. The response to these academic presentations has been very positive and is generating a great deal of sales activity."

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