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          MELVILLE, NEW YORK, November 22, 1999 -- FONAR Corporation (NASDAQ-FONR), The Open MRI Company™, announced plans to show the only dual-purpose MRI scanner that posesses the large field-of-view needed for diagnosis and the small field-of-view needed for surgery. The diagnostic version of the scanner, The Open Sky MRI™, is a room-sized magnet that enables family members to accompany a patient during the scan. The surgical version of the scanner, The OR-360 ™, is an MRI operating room, in which surgeons may walk inside the magnet.

          Images produced from The Open Sky MRI™ and The OR-360 ™ will be shown for the first time at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) from these works-in-progress scanners. The RSNA is the world's largest medical trade show, starting on November 28 in Chicago.

          "We designed The Open Sky MRI™ to be the most-patient friendly scanner in the world," said Raymond Damadian, president and founder of FONAR Corporation. "Colorful backdrops, including Disney(tm) characters, beach and mountain scenes, will be especially attractive to children and their parents, eliminating any claustrophobic effect."

          "Surgeons will appreciate the capabilities of The OR-360 ™," Dr. Damadian continued. "By enabling surgeons to walk inside the magnet for procedures, this scanner will aid them in performing surgery with the highest precision possible."

          Sol Ginzburg, vice president of sales for FONAR, remarked, "There is no other dual-purpose MRI scanner available with these capabilities, which translates into a wide-open market for this remarkable new machine."

          In 1980, FONAR introduced the world's first commercial MRI whole-body scanner. The widespread application of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) in medicine and biology today is the direct result of the landmark discoveries and early pioneering work of Dr. Damadian. His seminal discoveries of the variations in soft body tissue relaxation times, as well as the cancer detecting NMR signal, are the means used by all MRI scanners to detect cancer and distinguish healthy versus diseased tissues. A 1997 U.S. Supreme Court ruling affirmed that Dr. Damadian's patented discoveries are fundamental to every MRI unit in the marketplace today

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