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          MELVILLE, NEW YORK, March 22, 2000 -- FONAR Corporation (NASDAQ-FONR), The Patient-Friendly™ MRI Company, announced today that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the Company permission to market its FONAR-360º ™ MRI Scanner. With its "no-post" design, the FONAR 360º ™ is now the most Open and Patient- Friendly™ MRI in the industry. With the entire room decorated with a panoramic view, a user option, the FONAR-360º™ brings to the public the first "open sky MRI."

          The Company's new scanner differs from every other MRI scanner by virtue of its revolutionary magnet configuration. From the patient's point of view, the new scanner is a full-size room with two circular structures projecting from the ceiling and the floor, which are part of the landscape. Unlike other MRIs on the market, there is no structure - posts, the walls of a tube, or anything else - between the patient and the walls of the scanner room, in any direction. Since the patient has an unobstructed view of the walls in any direction, the entire scanner room - walls, ceiling, floor, even the poles - can be decorated with the customer's choice of landscapes. The landscapes are interchangeable to suit the patient's preference, including one for children and their mothers, containing familiar nursery rhyme characters. Thus the patient's experience of the scan will be more like a trip to the mountains than an MRI scan.

          Sol Ginzburg, vice president of sales, said, "The FONAR- 360º ™ and its "open sky" decor is clearly the most Patient-Friendly™ of all MRIs, and at a field strength of 0.6 Tesla, it makes exquisite images. We expect this scanner to be a very popular product for FONAR."

          The magnet design of the FONAR-360º ™ represents the most advanced application to date of the Company's patented Iron-Circuit™ technology. According to FONAR's president and founder, Raymond V. Damadian, "The large circular structures that the patient sees as part of the landscape are the poles of the scanner's magnet. Normally the magnetic circuit of a FONAR scanner is completed through steel posts that are clearly visible to the patient. However, in the case of this scanner, FONAR scientists and engineers were able to reconfigure and extend the steel returns, effectively embedding them into the walls, floor and ceiling of the scanner room. Patients don't realize it, but when they enter the scanner room, they're literally walking inside an MRI magnet."

          Dr. Damadian added, "The FONAR-360º ™ is actually the basic platform for two medical applications, the "open sky" for diagnostic procedures and the future "interventional 360º" for MRI-guided interventions. With the scanner's unrestricted access to the patient and room enough for an entire surgical team and all their equipment, it can easily be equipped for approved MRI-guided interventional procedures. I believe it won't be long before our innovative customers assemble MRI-compatible interventional instruments that are already FDA-approved for MRI-guided interventions in order to capitalize on the uniqueness of this full- access scanner. We are very excited about the benefit these new scanners can bring to the diagnosis and intervention in serious diseases such as cancer. When dramatic medical breakthroughs come from this technology, as I expect they will, reimbursements will follow."

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